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This course will explore of the process of web design from proposal to production. Students redesign, produce and user test a website with web and image editing software.

In this special topics class, students learn how to design a website from the researching and planning phases through user testing of design and structural components. Prior to this class, students will have taken an introductory web design course, making them familiar with HTML, basic CSS and Photoshop comps. To build on this foundation, the special topics web class focuses on user experience and the graphical design of a site.

After an initial discussion of web structure and continuity, students are asked to select a live website to redesign. The project begins with an analysis of the current site with focus on target audience and competitive analysis. Image use and color palette are critiqued and the site structure is tested. This data is then used to redesign the site to increase appeal and ease of use.

The final project in this class consists of the redesign of the selected site from site map to wireframes to color palette and graphics. Original branding is maintained as is original content. Improvements are determined through user testing, which each student both leads and participates in. As graphic designers it is vital that the structure and protocol of web design be understood, and the analysis and redesign in this class provide a working model for that understanding.

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