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This is a special-projects course in which students utilize their knowledge of design, typography, and production techniques to execute a team project with a non-profit client. Students also apply communications, teamwork, and organizational skills. Students work cooperatively to achieve a common goal, similar to industry experience.

Design team is a two quarter class that asks students to work with clients to complete pro-bono graphic design projects. The class is divided into teams which compete against each other as if they were independent design studios. Working as a team, students learn to delegate, communicate and to strengthen critical thinking skills while completing their project.

Each quarter begins with the teams branding themselves. They are asked to write a design statement and to create a logo that they can share with clients in their introductory presentations. In Design Team I all of the clients are on-campus. Students compete to design registration posters and other material for use by the school. The positions within a design team are discussed and students are allowed to wear different hats each week to experience all of the responsibilities.

The clients in Design Team II are drawn from non-profits within the community. The projects vary from quarter to quarter depending on client need. At the beginning of the quarter, students submit a resume and cover letter and apply for one of the positions on a team, from Art Director to Designer to Traffic Manager. Throughout the quarter they work together to meet with the client, pitch and revise ideas and ultimately complete a project to be used by their client.

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